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How Does It Work?

It's Easy!

  • 1. Sign-up for a customized program
  • 2. Download our powerful APP
  • 3. Get your plan delivered to you
  • Personalized Workout Plans
  • Delivered Directly to your mobile device
  • Built-in goal tracking
  • Messaging with your trainer *
  • Starting at $20 a month

What to Expect

Training memberships allow clients to get amazing workout plans delivered every month directly to their mobile device. It's as easy as opening up the 'BodyBio App', and following the workout for the day, with provided videos for proper form instruction.

Goal Oriented

Tailored for your goals
Before you start, you will fill out a form so we can understand your goals. Our trainers will deliver workout programs to you that designed to get you results.

Easy to Use

Keeping you on track
Workouts are delivered directly to your mobile device in a simple format with videos instructions.

Track Progress

Powerful and Easy to Use
The system allows you to Record weight, measurements, progress photos, and measure your set/reps, and PR's.

Start For As Low As
$10 A Month

What Else do We Have To Offer?

Private Facebook Group

When you get started, you will have access to our private facebook group where you can ask question, share progress, and offer support to others.

Resources and Forum

You can have access to all of our knowledgebase articles, support forum, and online chat and phone support when you have questions.

Updated Regularly

Our system is continually improving. We will keep you informed when there are updates and improvements.

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